Let’s come in contact with a cat(Bengal) and an owl at Kyoto!


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Professional facilities of interactions with an owl and a cat(Bengal) opened in the center of Kyoto.

There are many zoos and cat cafes in Japan, but the contact facilities only for Bengal are only “Hyoneko-no-mori”.
In addition, you can touch the owls which cannot touch  at the general zoo.(○´艸`)

If you are tired from sightseeing of Kyoto, why don’t you take a break in this facilities?

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  1. Basic information of Fukuro & Hyoneko-no-mori
  2. Bengals of Hyoneko-no-mori
  3. Owls of Fukuro-no-mori

1.Basic information of Fukuro & Hyoneko-no-mori

Attention : Fukuro-no-mori is unlimited time, but, Hyoneko-no-mori is 30-minute time limit.

Because Bengal is a very active cat, it is tired in the early afternoon and seem to often sleep. We recommend opening time (11:30) if you go to this facilities.

The nearest station is the Hankyu Kawaramachi Station.

This is an admission fee. The common ticket that admission becomes advantageous is recommended.

  Fukuro & Hyoneko-no-mori

 Open  11:30~19:30
 Admission fee  Adult(More than junior high school students):600 yen、Child:400 yen
 Admission fee(Common ticket)  Adult(More than junior high school students):1,100 yen、Child:750 yen
 Regular Holiday  No holiday
 Address  554, Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8042, Japan
 Phone Number  +81-75-708-3847

2.Bengals of Hyoneko-no-mori

Welcome, nya!

All the cats which there is here are cats of the kinds called Bengal. Spring is the season of the kitten.forest_of_bengal-04

The kitten of Bengal is full of energy!

It is full of kittens of Bengal.

There is the calm child among them, too.(○´艸`)

Anyway, they love to play.

Kitten of Bengal is very very cute.

3.Owls of Fukuro-no-mori

The next will go to Fukuro-no-mori if you finish playing in Hyoneko-no-mori.(○´艸`)

It is atmosphere of being in the forest.

It is Nobunaga of the great grey owl. It is still within one year after birth with this size.

It is Mario of the screech owl.

It is white of the Siberia eagle owl.

It is HEDWIG of the Snowy owl.

Staff of the Fukuro-no-mori.






How did you like it?

If you are tired from sightseeing of Kyoto, why don’t you take a break in this facilities?

Have a nice trip to Japan! ( *´艸`)


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