Highlights and how to get to Heian-kyo in Kyoto.

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Heiankyo (平安郷) is the sacred place for new religion named Sekai Kyusei Kyo IZUNOME, located in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City.

It is not ordinarily open to the public but is allowed to visit on the specified day in April, May, and November.

Here in April, beautiful cherry blossoms bloom, in May, pretty fuji (Japanese wisteria) and iris bloom, and in November, we can see beautiful autumn leaves.

It is the little-known but good spot of cherry blossoms and autumn-leaf viewing.


  1. About Heiankyo
  2. Special admission day
  3. Highlights of Heiankyo
  4. Videos and photos of Heiankyo
  5. How to get to Heiankyo
  6. Hotel search & reservation around Heiankyo

1.About Heiankyo

It is only open to the public for a limited period in spring and fall every year.
So, I went there in the autumn of 2018 (November 24, 2018).

I walked from Randen Kitano-Line Tokiwa Station which is the nearest station of Heiankyo.

It was about 30 minutes (1.8 km) on foot from the station.

It was open at 10:00. Admission was free.

I got a brochure!

I could enjoy the tea ceremony for free in the garden.

It was very delicious!

The garden was very large.

Autumn leaves were very beautiful!

Corridor of autumn leaves in Heiankyo, it’s so beautiful, too.

There were not too many tourists here.

It was exactly a little-known but good place of autumn leaves in Kyoto.

There is an observatory in this place, the entire city area can be viewed from it.heiankyo-36

In addition, there is Mokichi Okada Memorial Museum (no charge for admission) near Heiankyo.

The autumn leaves of the courtyard of this art museum are also very beautiful.

2.Special admission day

Heiankyo is only open to the public on specific days in spring and autumn.

The special admission day in 2018 was as follows.

March 30 – April 4, 2018
May 1 – May 5 2018
November 23 – November 25, 2018

Open :

For more information, please visit the company’s home page.

3.Highlights of Heiankyo

・紅葉通り抜け(Corridor of autumn leaves)


・上の茶屋(Tea house)


・東山展望台(Higashiyama Observatory)


・岡田茂吉記念館(Mokichi Okada Memorial Museum)


4.Videos and photos of Heiankyo


■Youtube:平安郷 秋の一般公開2018(Heiankyo – special openings at autumn 2018)

5.How to get to Heiankyo

The nearest station of Heiankyo is Randen Kitano Line Tokiwa Station.

We can also go by bus from Kyoto Station.

  Timetable and Route Search

■Route Example (from Hankyu Umeda (Osaka) Station to Tokiwa Station)

■Route Example (from Osaka Metro Namba Station to Tokiwa Station)

■Route Example (from Kyoto Station to Tokiwa Station)

■When you go on foot from Randen Kitano Line Tokiwa Station.

About 1.8km, 30 minutes.

■When you get on a bus from Kyoto Station.

  Timetable and Route Search of bus

Bus company:Kyoto City Bus
Routes/Destination:No.26 Bound for Omuro Ninnaji Temple (御室仁和寺・山越)
Boarding bus stop:Kyoto Sta. D3 (京都駅前 D3)
Alighting bus stop:Yamagoe Nakacho (山越中町)
Bus fare:230 yen
Time required:About 54 min

Bus company:Kyoto City Bus
Routes/Destination:No.75 Bound for Eigamura (映画村・山越)
Boarding bus stop:Kyoto Sta. C5 (京都駅前 C5)
Alighting bus stop:Yamagoe Nakacho (山越中町)
Bus fare:230 yen
Time required:About 47 min

■When you take a taxi

From Kyoto Station:About 3,490 yen (about 20 minutes)
From Arashiyama Station:About 1.120 yen (about 10 minutes)

・Let’s show a taxi driver the following phrase.

・If you want to call a taxi, let’s show the following phrase.

[Phone number of taxi dispatch : Around the Kyoto Station]*Japanese text only.

6.Hotel search & reservation around Heiankyo

How did you like it?

Please try to go to this place.

Have a nice trip! XD

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