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*This article was last updated Sep, 2018

Osaka and Kyoto are cities representing Kansai.
When you travel in Japan, I think that you’ll come here once.

Kyoto is only approximately 40km away from Osaka in distance . It is very near.
“JR-West”,”Hankyu-Railway”,”Keihan-Railway”. Three kinds of train service is operated in this area.

Because it was characteristic each, I summarized these train service.

・The price of the book of tickets is unit price per one piece.
・Please use the ticket outlet shop if you want to buy the book of tickets with a single unit.


  1. Whole comparison
  2. Features of JR West
  3. Features of Hankyu Railway
  4. Features of Keihan Railway
  5. Let’s buy a coupon tickets in ticket outlet shop.

1.Whole comparison

In conclusion, it is as follows.

Necessary time:【Fast】Shinkansen  JR-West  Hankyu-Railway  Keihan-Railway【Slow】
Regular fare:【Low】Hankyu-Railway  Keihan-Railway  JR-West  Shinkansen【High】
★Coupon:Weekday(10:00~16:00):【Low】Keihan-Railway  Hankyu-Railway  JR-West  Shinkansen【High】
★Coupon:Weekday(other time):【Low】Hankyu-Railway  Keihan-Railway  JR-West  Shinkansen【High】
★Coupon:Holiday:【Low】Hankyu-Railway  Keihan-Railway  JR-West  Shinkansen【High】


The speed is JR. Private railway is low fare, and can sit down.


2.Features of JR West


The Features of JR West is “speed”. You can go to Kyoto with a Special Rapid Service in 28 minutes.
In addition, JR is convenient when you go to Honguanji, Toji and the Kyoto aquarium. But Special Rapid Service is crowded very much… You may not be able to get a seat.


3.Features of Hankyu Railway


As for the Hankyu Railway, a fare is low. In addition, Hankyu is convenient when you go to Nishiki Market and Nijo Castle.
When you go to Katsura Imperial Villa, Hankyu Katsura Station is the nearest station.
Because Umeda station and Kawaramachi Station of the Hankyu Railway is the starting station, maybe you can sit down.


4.Features of Keihan Railway


A fare is low in the Keihan Railway Corporation, too. In addition, there are many tourist attractions in the Keihan Railway neighborhood.
Keihan is convenient when you go to Kiyomizu-dera, Yasaka-Shrine, Gion and Ponto-chou.


5.Let’s buy a coupon tickets in ticket outlet shop.

If you want to buy a coupon tickets, let’s use ticket outlet shop!

・Ticket outlet shop around Osaka(Umeda) Station.

・Ticket outlet shop around Osaka(Umeda) Station.

■Japanese guide( *´艸`)■Please show a shop staff a lower image if troubled when you buy a ticket.

■JR coupon ticket from osaka to kyoto.


■JR time difference ticket from osaka to kyoto.


■Hankyu coupon ticket from umeda to kawaramachi.


■Hankyu time difference ticket from umeda to kawaramachi.


■Hankyu coupon ticket for holiday from umeda to kawaramachi.


■Keihan coupon ticket from yodoyabashi to gion-shijyo.


■Keihan time difference ticket from yodoyabashi to gion-shijyo.


■Keihan coupon ticket for holiday from yodoyabashi to gion-shijyo.


Have a nice trip to Japan! ( *´艸`)


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