This article introduces for you information of the map summarized for the sightseeing spots in Kyoto and Western Japan.

This site introduces 203 places of sightseeing spots now.


    1. How to use the map
    2. Kyoto Prefecture
    3. Osaka Prefecture
    4. Nara Prefecture
    5. Shiga Prefecture
    6. Hyogo Prefecture
    7. Okayama Prefecture
    8. Kagawa Prefecture
    9. Hiroshima Prefecture
    10. Wakayama Prefecture
    11. Toyama Prefecture

1.How to use the map


2.Kyoto Prefecture

3.Osaka Prefecture

4.Nara Prefecture

5.Shiga Prefecture

6.Hyogo Prefecture

7.Okayama Prefecture

8.Kagawa Prefecture

9.Hiroshima Prefecture

10.Wakayama Prefecture

11.Toyama Prefecture

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