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  1. Pug cafe “Living Room” : This Cafe is full of Pug!! Pug!!
  2. How to use the coin lockers in Japan
  3. Let’s come in contact with a cat(Bengal) and an owl at Kyoto!
  4. Encouragement for “Hands-Free Travel”
  5. ‘Hedgehog cafe -Hari Du Ange-‘ in Osaka, Japan
  6. Perfect Guide : How to go to Kuromon Market
  7. Comparison of the train service.(Osaka~Kyoto)
  8. Suntory Yamazaki Distillery : Reservation method and visit report of factory tour.
  9. My favorite animal cafe & Zoo in West-Japan (Kansai).
  10. Is early-morning Fushimi-Inari Taisha not crowded?
  11. The highlights and how to get to Heian-jingu Shrine.
  12. Let’s go to Katsura Imperial Villa & Shugakuin Imperial Villa in one day!
  13. Get Japanese souvenir at “Kuzefuku-Shoten” !!
  14. Information of special offer ticket of JR for foreign tourists.
  15. ‘Kitanozaka Kawauso (Otter) Cafe’ in Kobe.
  16. The highlights and how to get to the Shogunzuka Seiryu-den.
  17. Kansai International Airport(KIX):The location of electrical outlet(socket)
  18. Plan to an eating tour for 1000 yen at Nishiki Ichiba (Market)
  19. Is early-morning Osaka Castle not crowded?
  20. Long-distance/Airport bus terminal around Osaka/Umeda station.

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