When there is big baggage when you travel, it is very inconvenient for transfer.

Coin locker is installed in a main station, sightseeing spot and airport of Japan. Please make a good use of coin locker, and let’s travel comfortably.

About coin locker in Japan


There are two kinds of coin locker of the IC card-enabled coin locker and the IC card-non-enabled coin locker (physical key type).

An LCD screen is provided for the IC card-enabled coin locker, and IC card available seal has been affixed.

IC card-enabled coin locker

・How to deposit baggage




If you pay in cash, this receipt is published.

The QR code on this receipt is your locker’s key.

Please be careful not to lose this receipt.

(I recommend that you take a photograph with the camera of a cell-phone and the smartphone.)

・How to put out baggage


How to use IC card-non-enabled coin locker


The IC card-non-enabled coin locker has a physical key.


Information of Coin locker


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