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“The Perfect Guide Series” is intended to guide to the destination without hesitation absolute.

I guide even the tourist who cannot speak Japanese by this article to be able to go to the destination only by one’s power.

This time, I guide a way using trains from Kansai Airport station to Namba station.


  1. What kind of means does the public transport have?
  2. Let’s go from the airport arrival gate to Kansai International Airport station!
  3. What is the difference between “Limited Express Rapi:t” and “Airport Express”?
  4. Let’s buy a ticket!
  5. Let’s take a train!
  6. Attention : Women-only vehicle

1.What kind of means does the public transport have?

The method to go from “Kansai Airport Station(KIX)” to “Namba Station” has 2 patterns of “the train ” or ” bus”. Because the bus may take time by a traffic jam, I introduces the pattern of the train.

Method Time required Fare Time table Remarks
Nankai Railway:”Airport Express” 44 min 920 yen About every 15 min  
Nankai Railway:”Limited Express Rapi:t” 38 min 1,430 yen About every 30 min 1,130 yen in the case of discount tickets.
Airport Limousine bus 50 min 1,050 yen About every 20~30 min Possibility of traffic jam.

2.Let’s go from the airport arrival gate to Kansai International Airport station!

First, let’s go from the Kansai International Airport(KIX) International Arrivals gate to the “Kansai International Airport station”!

The station is located in 2F. Arrival gate is located in 1F. Therefore, you must move to the 2F.
It is about 3 minutes’ walk to the station. There is it in the very near place.
Please refer to the following video. Video is starting from the north arrival gate.

When you arrive at the station, let’s buy a ticket!( *´艸`)

3.What is the difference between “Limited Express Rapi:t” and “Airport Express”?

“Nankai Railway” has two kinds of trains of “Limited Express Rapi:t” and “Airport Express”.

The characteristic of “Airport Express” has much service number, and a fare is cheap.

The characteristic of “Limited Express Rapi:t” has a baggage place in a reserved seat, and facilities are substantial. But a fare is only slightly high.

If you want to go without waiting and cheaply, let’s use the “Airport Express”. If the luggage is very large, let’s use the “Limited Express Rapi:t”. I always use “Airport Express”.

limited express rapit

airport express

4.Let’s buy a ticket!

Attention: automatic ticket vending machines can not be used a credit card.(; ・`д・´)

When you want to use a credit card, let’s buy a ticket in ticket counter having the station staff. This part is inconvenient for Japan…(; ・`д・´)

When you go to Namba, Let’s use “Nankai Railway”. Let’s buy a ticket at “Nankai Railway” counter (orange signboard).
When you go to Namba with JR, transfer of the train is necessary. Therefore I don’t recommend this.

Let’s check the timetable of the train.

pdf download-nankai-timetable

・How to buy a ticket : Use “Airport Express”

Please purchase a ticket from the automatic ticket vending machine in the following procedure.

Nankai.Automatic ticket vending machine

・How to buy a ticket : Use “Limited Express Rapi:t”

nankai-ticket office

The ticket of the limited express can buy even an automatic ticket machine, but I recommends what you buy at ticket counter having the station staff because way of buying is difficult.



■Japanese guide( *´艸`)■Please show a station staff a lower image if troubled when you buy a ticket.

jp phrases-2016021301

5.Let’s take a train!

Were you able to buy a ticket? Then let’s take a train!

Because you will take the “Nankai train”, please enter from orange gate.


Look at the bulletin board and let’s check the train schedule that you ride.

nankai station sign

Let’s go to the platform with an escalator or stairs.

All the trains departing from this station are bound for “Namba Station”. Please go to last stop if you get on a train.

6.Attention : Women-only vehicle

There is “women-only vehicle” in the Japanese train. As for the women-only vehicle, only a woman can take a train.

Even in the case of a couple, a man cannot get on this vehicle. But there is no women-only vehicle in “Limited Express Rapi:t”.

women-only vehicle-nankai

How did you like it?

Have a nice trip! XD

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