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When you go for overseas travel, a lot of baggage are necessary.

But this baggage is in the way during a trip very much.

I got the good news for somebody like you!

In Japan, there is the service which to keep (send) your baggage during the trip.

Here we go. Let’s enjoy  “Hands-Free Travel”!!


  1. Encouragement for “Hands-Free Travel”
  2. Summary of “Hands-Free Travel”

1.Encouragement for “Hands-Free Travel”

■Common logo mark of “Hands-Free Travel”

In the facility and the area where there is the logo mark mentioned above, the following service is prepared for.

・Multilingual services for international visitors !

・The top-class security and safety of Japan’s delivery / storage services !

・Same-day delivery and delivery at a designated date and time !

・Compensation payment for damaged or lost items !

Let’s travel in Japan comfortably by utilizing this service!

2.Summary of “Hands-Free Travel” information


■Search for “Hands-Free Travel” counters

■YAMATO TRANSPORT “Luggage claim / Same-day delivery of luggage”

■Sagawa Express “Temporary Baggage Storage Service”

■ecbo cloak

■KTC “Hotel day delivery service(TOKYO⇔OSAKA/KYOTO)”


■Hakodate “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only

■New Chitose Airport



■Hirosaki Station “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only

[宮城(仙台)(Miyagi – Sendai)]

■Sendai “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only


■Haneda airport “Baggage Storage”

■Haneda airport “Baggage Delivery Service”

■Narita International Airport “Baggage Storage”

■Narita International Airport “Baggage Delivery Service”

■Tokyo Sta. “JR East Travel Service Center”

■Shinjuku Sta. “KEIO NEKONOTE Baggage Service”

■Shinjuku Sta. “Cloud Luggage Storage Service”

■SmartRefund Kappa Bashi *Japanese text only

[神奈川(横浜)(Kanagawa – Yokohama)]


■Yokohama Sta. “YCAT Lobby No.2 Temporary baggage storage counter”


■Karuizawa Sta. Coin-Locker/Baggage storage


■Niigata Station “Tourist Information Center by Bandai Exit (Station Front)”

■Yugawara-Onsen(spa) *Japanese text only


■Hands Free Travel in Nakatsugawa

[石川(金沢)(Ishikawa – Kanazawa)]

■Kanazawa Station “Tourist Information Center”


■Chubu Centrair International Airport “Baggage Delivery Service”

■Nagoya Sta. “Takashimaya baggage strorage”


■Ise City “Baggage Delivery Service” *Japanese text only

■Matsusaka Sta. “Baggage storage” *Japanese text only


■Kansai International Airport

■Osaka International Airport

■Osaka Station “Osaka Station City”

■Namba Hands-Free Center

■Namba OCAT “Tourist Information”


■JR Kyoto station carry service

■JR Kyoto Station Shinkansen Hachijo exit Delivery Service *Japanese text only

■Nijo Castle (Nojo-jo)


■Wakayama “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only


■Okayama “Tourist Information Center”


■Hiroshima Sta. “CHUGOKU JR BUS Baggage custody service”


●Kagawa Prefecture

■Takamatsu Airport Infomation Center (1F)


■Kagawa Shodoshima Island *Japanese text only

■Kagawa Teshima Island

■Dogo Onsen “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only


■Izumo “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only

■Matsue Sta. “Baggage storage” *Japanese text only


■Sakaiminato City “Baggage storage service” *Japanese text only


■Shimonoseki “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only

■Hagi “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only


■Fukuoka Airport

■JR Hakata City “Sagawa Express”


■Nagasaki “Hands-Free Travel” *Japanese text only

■Shimabara “Shimabaratetsudou Baggage storage” *Japanese text only


■Kobayasi City “Baggage custody service”


■Naha Airport

How did you like it?

Let’s travel in Japan comfortably by utilizing “Hands-Free Travel” service!

Have a nice trip! XD


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