Katsuragi Highland is famous mountain climbing spot in Gose City, Nara Prefecture.

It is famous for its azaleas, is one of the most photogenic places in Japan!

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Best season of azaleas in Katsuragi Highland

Best season is from early May to mid May every year.

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Videos of Katsuragi Highland

葛城高原 ヤマツツジの群生01(Gregariousness of azalea : Nara,Japan)

葛城高原 ヤマツツジの群生02(Gregariousness of azalea : Nara,Japan)

葛城高原 ヤマツツジの群生03(Gregariousness of azalea : Nara,Japan)

Photos of Katsuragi Highland

Azalea of Katsuragi Plateau (Nara, Japan)

How to get to Katsuragi Highland

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