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On the nights of Obon festival (August 14-16) every year, the ‘Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival’ is held at Otani Sobyo Grave in Kyoto.

It is one of the largest Mantoe Festival in Kyoto.


  1. Information of Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival 2017
  2. Visit report of 2016
  3. Video and photo
  4. How to get to Otani Mausoleum
  5. Hotel search & reservation around Otani Mausoleum

1.Information of Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival 2017

Date:August 14 (Mon), 2017 ~ August 16 (Wed), 2017

Brochure (front) *japanese text only

Brochure (back) *japanese text only

2.Visit report of 2016

3.Video and photo

■YouTube:大谷祖廟 -東大谷万灯会-(Ōtani Mausoleum ‘Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival’) 

■Flickr:東大谷万灯会:Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival(20160814)

東大谷万灯会:Higashi Otani Mantoe Festival(20160814)

4.How to get to Otani Mausoleum

Nearest station of Otani Mausoleum is “Keihan Gion Shijo Station”.

  Timetable and Route Search

■Route Example (From Osaka Station to Keihan Gion Shijo Station)

■Route Example (From Namba Station to Keihan Gion Shijo Station)

■Keihan Gion Shijo Station→Otani Mausoleum

■When you take a taxi

From Kyoto Station:1,650 yen ~ 1,920 yen (about 10 minutes)
From Gion-Shijo Station:610 yen ~ 720 yen (about 50 minutes)

・Let’s show a taxi driver the following phrase.

・If you want to call a taxi, let’s show the following phrase.

[Phone number of taxi dispatch : Around the Kyoto Station]*Japanese text only.

5.Hotel search & reservation around Otani Mausoleum

How did you like it?

Please have a special experience on a special day called “Obon”.

Have a nice trip! XD

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