Takamijima is one of the island of Shiwaku Islands in the west of Kagawa.

This island is surrounded by mountains.
Thus, there are many slopes and stone walls in this island.

The Setouchi seascape to look at from the hill of this island is splendid.
Therefore this island was used as a shooting place for a famous movie in Japan.

Slopes, stone walls and a relaxing time…
Here is the luxury time that nothing does.

In addition, Sanagishima Island which is famous as an island of the cats is near this island.


  1. About Takamijima
  2. The art works of Takamijima
  3. Scenery of Takamijima
  4. How to get to Takamijima

1.About Takamijima

Guideline of sojourn time : about 2.5 hours 

If you have 2.5 hours, you can almost watch all art works.

There is no rent-a-bicycle in Takamijima.
Because there are many slopes in Takamijima, let’s take the shoes which are easy to walk.

This is a ferry terminal of Takamijima.
During the period of the art festival, a volunteer guides this island.

Because there are many slopes in this island, let’s take the shoes which are easy to walk.

2.The art works of Takamijima

There is a lot of art works which I do not introduce here. Please try to go this island, and watch all art work!
*Because there is an art work that photography is not possible, please be careful.

All artwork is very splendid.
The particularly recommended artwork is “No.147”, “No.150”, and “No.155” personally.

[No.147:Terrace of Inland Sea(Masahito Nomura:Japan)]*My favorite!!

It is the terrace which can overlook the Seto Inland Sea, just like the art work’s name.

Wind through the terrace is very comfortable for me. (○´艸`)

Here is also a cafe restaurant.
We can have a meal and tea here.

[No.148:Talk of a Fisherman and a Craftsman(Katsura Tanabe:Japan)]

Spider holes made by ceramics are displayed at the port.

Islands of the Seto Inland Sea are famous as a fishing ground of the octopuses from old days.

[No.149:Time falls(Kayako Nakashima:Japan)]

When I enter the old private house which is the exhibit space of the art work,

A very fantastic view was spread in front of me.
An acrylic-board is reflects outside light.

[No.150:Journey of rust(Ryo Wakabayashi:Japan)]

As for this big art work, the vacant land of the port is a canvas.

The art object of this ship is made with metal scrap.

This work is rusted as time proceeds…

[No.151:Floating Garden(Motoi Yamamoto:Japan)]*My favorite!!

This work is displayed in 2F of the old private house of art works No.147.

The true character of this design is salt.
This art work expresses the tidal current of the Seto Inland Sea by salt.

[No.152:IROHAs(ABCs) of Preparedness(Yasuka Goto:Japan)]

As for this big art work, the Takami elementary and junior high school which was closed down is a canvas.

As for this work, all of this school building is a canvas!

This work expresses “the preparedness” of people of this island.

[No.153:Transition House(Kayako Nakashima:Japan)]

When I enter the old private house which is the exhibit space of the art work,

A very fantastic view was spread in front of me again.
Innumerable holes are opened on the wall of the old private house.

●[No.154:よなべのみやげ(APP ARTS STUDIO:日本)]
[No.154:Souvenir of long night work(APP ARTS STUDIO:Japan)]

A kiln used to bake pottery is put in the open space of the island.

This is the kiln which was baked pottery of the souvenir by artists.

[No.155:House of Pyrethrum(Haruyuki Uchida:Japan)]*My favorite!!

The old private house in the back hill of this island is the “House of Pyrethrum”.

The pyrethrum is a plant that is a source of an insecticide.
In Japan, it is famous as a source of “the mosquito-repellent incense”.

Many years ago, Takamijima was a production center of pyrethrum.

Art in connection with pyrethrum and mosquito-repellent incense is displayed in this house.

Art of the mosquito-repellent incense.

3.Scenery of Takamijima

There are many stone walls in Takamijima.
All these stone walls are made of natural stones. d(*゚ー゚*)

The base of the house of the village is a stone wall, too.

There is a temple called Daisho-ji Temple in this island.
This temple was used as a shooting place for a famous Japanese movie which is called “Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo films“.

The main gate of the temple is supported by a sumo wrestler image. d(*゚ー゚*)

From the back of the temple, we can watch a beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea. (○´艸`)

As for the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, scenery is very splendid everywhere.

However, depopulation is progressing in this island.

Such a deserted scenery is also one of the important scenery of the island.

4.How to get to Takamijima

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We will be able to go to Takamijima Island by ferry from the Tadotsu Port.
The nearest station of Tadotsu Port is JR Tadotsu Station.
And, we will access from JR Tadotsu Station to the Tadotsu Port by a taxi or on foot.

The method to go from Kansai to Tadotsu Station has two patterns.

1:In the case of getting on the Shinkansen

  Timetable and Route Search

■Route Example (From Osaka Station to Tadotsu Station)

The required time:About 2.5 hours
The fare:6,620 yen(unreserved seat)

2.In the case of taking express bus

An express bus runs from Kansai(Osaka/Namba/Sannomiya) to JR Marugame Station.
(This express bus has the facilities of outlet and Wifi.)

There is the platform of this express bus in “Hankyu highway bus Osaka-Umeda terminal(Hankyu Sanban Gai)” and “OCAT Osaka City Air Terminal”.

For specific information, see below.

The required time:About 4 hours
The fare:
4,300 yen(bus)+210 yen(JR)

■Reservation site of the bus

  Timetable and Route Search

After we went to JR Marugame Station by bus, we go to Tadotsu Station by train.

I recommend that you stay a hotel at Takamatsu Station and Marugame Station the night before if you have a schedule which is not tight.
I went to JR Marugame Station by express bus.
And I stayed at the hotel of Marugame Station and went to the island on the next day.

■JR Tadotsu Station→Tadotsu Port

It is about 20-minutes walk from the station.
sanagishima-02-txt sanagishima-03-txt

■A timetable and the fare of the ferry of the Tadotsu Port

How did you like it?

Please try to go.

Have a nice trip! XD

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