Ofusa Kannon is the common name of the Buddhist temple located in Ousa-cho, Kashimara City, Nara Prefecture.

The formal name is Koyasan Shingon Sect Bekkaku-Honzan (special head temple) Jumuryozan Kannon-ji Temple.

The Japanese summer is very hot. Kansai is particularly hot.

Recently the highest temperature is not rare on a day more than 35 degrees Celsius either…

Japanese summer is already a summer of southern country…!?

Well, do you know Furin(wind chime)?

A tone of the wind chimes is the tone that can feel the cool.

That is why the Japanese people enjoys the tone of the wind-bell in hot summer from old days.

“Wind chime festival” of Ofusa Kannon is the festival that can hear the tone of such a lot of wind chimes.


  1. About Ofusa Kannon
  2. “Wind chime festival” of Ofusa Kannon
  3. Goshuin of Ofusa Kannon
  4. How to get to Ofusa Kannon

1.About Ofusa Kannon

Ofusa Kannon Temple treats visitors to roses with a wide variety of colors, as well as other varieties of flowers that can be enjoyed all year round. The name of this temple originates from a local girl from the Edo period called Ofusa. Ofusa began worship of the Goddess Kannon (goddess of mercy and compassion) on this spot, and this eventually developed into the temple that exists today.

Ofusa Kannon is the small temple which there is in Kashihara-shi of Nara, but is very famous as a rose and a temple of the wind chime.

Admission Fee:300 yen (Only the Main hall)

Rose festivals

“Rose Festival” is held in May, June, October and November.

Dates : May 15-June 30 and October 19-November 30 every year

Open : 7:00~16:30

Wind chime festival

“Wind chime Festival” is held in July and August.

Dates : July 1-August 31 every year

Open : 7:00~16:30

A guide stone to the hundred times worship in the precincts.

There is an excellent garden although being small in the depths of the precincts.

The building adjacent to the garden is a tea shop.

This is the scenery of the garden to look at from a tea shop.

There is the souvenir shop, too.

2.”Wind chime festival” of Ofusa Kannon

More than 2500 wind chimes are displayed in the precincts during the period of the festival. (○´艸`)

A strip of paper which a wish was written is hung to a wind chime. (○´艸`)

The wind chimes which was made with glass.

The wind-bell which was made with metal. It can enjoy a different tone by materials. d(*゚ー゚*)

A lot of wind chimes are displayed in the under the eaves of the main hall.

I can feel really cool when I hear the tone of the wind chime. (○´艸`)

3.Goshuin of Ofusa Kannon

It is a very powerful letter.

4.How to get to Ofusa Kannon

Nearest station of Ofusa Kannon is “Kintetsu Kashihara Line Yagi-Nishiguchi Station” or “JR Sakurai Line Unebi Station”.

  Timetable and Route Search

■Route Example (From Osaka Station to Yagi-Nishiguchi Station)

■Route Example (From Osaka Namba Station to Yagi-Nishiguchi Station)

■Yagi-Nishiguchi Station→Ofusa Kannon
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