Honjima is a central island of Shiwaku Islands in the west of Kagawa.

This island prospered in Suigun Navy during the age of civil strife in Japan.

Therefore traditional cityscape is left in this island.

In addition, there is Seto-ohashi which is one of the most beautiful bridge in Japan on the east side of this island.
So, the scenery of this island is very beautiful.

A lot of art works in connection with water and a ship are displayed in this island.

In addition, this island is also “cat island” which many cats live in.


  1. About Honjima
  2. The art works of Honjima
  3. Scenery of Honjima
  4. Cats of Honjima
  5. How to get to Honjima

1.About Honjima

Guideline of sojourn time : about 3h (When you use the rent‐a‐bicycle.)

If you have 3 hours, you can almost watch all art works.

The means of transportation of this island is rent-a-bicycle or community bus.

We can rent a bicycle in the facilities of the port.

Fee:1,500 yen/1 day(electric assist bicycle), 500 yen/1 day(bicycle)

2.The art works of Honjima

There is a lot of art works which I do not introduce here. Please try to go this island, and watch all art work!
*Because there is an art work that photography is not possible, please be careful.

All artwork is very splendid.
The particularly recommended artwork is “No.141”, “No.142”, and “No.190” personally.

泊/甲生 周辺 (Around Tomari / Koushou)

■笠島 周辺 (Around Kasashima)

泊/甲生 周辺 (Around Tomari / Koushou)

[No.138:Departure(Akira Ishii:Japan)]
honjima-19-1 honjima-19-2

[No.139:Siebold Garden(Yutaka Kawaguchi, Kaori Naito:Japan)]

In this building, “Art Work No.190” is displayed.
honjima-20-1 honjima-20-2

[No.140:A Project of Signboards of Shikkui and Kote(Kazuko Murao:Japan)]

This work is displayed in the plural places of this island.
Can you find it?
honjima-21-1 honjima-21-2 honjima-21-3 honjima-21-4 honjima-21-5

[No.141:Kanrin House(Rikuji Makabe:Japan)]*My favorite!!
honjima-22-1 honjima-22-2

Half of the bottoms of this work are the surfaces of the water.
When the surface of the water waves, this work gives a different impression to us. ( *´艸`)

[No.142:Sora-Ami:Knitting the Sky(Yasuaki Igarashi:Japan)]*My favorite!!

This work is made in a fishing net.

Fusion of the art work and nature of this island. It’s beautiful.

[No.143:From Birthing Hut to Mourning Rites(Hiroshi Furugori:Japan)]

This work expresses “Ryobosei(両墓制)” which is passed down for centuries.
(Ryobosei(両墓制) is the custom which is to prepare two graves. One grave is for bury and the other is for pray.)

This art object expresses energy which is to gush out of the earth.
We can enter this art object.

This art object is wrapped in a solemn atmosphere.

[No.190:Stories of 12 Islands: Animation of Sea Wanderings(Masahiro Hasunuma:Japan)]*My favorite!!

This art work is displayed in  the building of No. 139.

A story of 12 islands of the stage of the Setouchi Triennale is expressed by a flip-book.(○´艸`)


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■笠島 周辺 (Around Kasashima)

●[No.144:Moony Tunes(ツェ・スーメイ:ルクセンブルク)]
[No.144:Moony Tunes(Su-Mei Tse:Luxembourg)]

This work is displayed in an old private house.

This island was once famous as a production center of the stones.
This work expresses the stone, the moon, the rise and fall of the tides.

[No.145:Bottom Sky(Alexander Ponomarev:Russia)]

There is a big mirror under the art object of the ship, and it is reflecting the sky.
It is like the ship that flies the skies.

This work’s atmosphere changes every hour.

[No.146:Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth(Tadashi Saito×Shiwaku Carpenters:Japan)]

3.Scenery of Honjima

As for the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, not only the art work but also the scenery of the islands is splendid.

When you will visit islands of the Seto Inland Sea, let’s enjoy the scenery of nature and the town by all means.

Seto-ohashi to look at from this island.

Seto-ohashi is the bridge where a silhouette is very beautiful.

These are the welcome boards which children of the island made.
These are an excellent art work.
honjima-10 honjima-11

The bench in this island is also art specifications. d(*゚ー゚*)

In the Kasashima district of this island, old cityscape of the shipping agency is left.

Former prosperity is remembered…

This island always has calm time.

4.Cats of Honjima

Many cats are living in the islands of Seto Inland Sea.
(“Sanagishima Island” and “Aoshima Island” are famous as an island of the cats in the Seto Inland Sea.)

I could come in to contact with many cats in this island, too.

■Youtube:本島 にゃんこ達のゆっくりとした日常。(Daily slow life of Honjima’s cats)

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■Youtube:本島 もっとなーでーてーにゃーー!!(Please touch me more more more!! mew!!)

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a kitten…!!

The kitten which relaxes leisurely under the gate of the entrance.

The kitten which is relaxed under a car.

The hangout of cats.

Will they be waiting for a cat food?

This is a family of the black cat.

The kitten of a pretty black cat.

This cat loved to be touched.
Please touch me more more more!! mew!!

I’d love to!!

5.How to get to Honjima

The nearest station of Honjima is JR Marugame station.
(The nearest port is Marugame Port.)

↓The route to Marugame station is here.↓


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■Marugame Port→Honjima

This is Ferry terminal of the Marugame Port.
It is 10 minutes walk from Marugame station.

The fare of the ferry is 550 yen single and 1,050 yen round trip.

It is about 35 minutes by ferry.

How did you like it?

Please try to go.

Have a nice trip! XD

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