In the case of overseas travel, I’m afraid that I may become ill.
I actually got a high fever abroad several times…

I can feel relieved when I know the medical institution which can treat a tourist.
The hospital which is available in a native language is very reassuring.

In Japan, there are a lot of medical institutions which can treat a foreign tourist.
Because it is summarized in the site called “JAPAN:the Official Guide” which “JNTO” operates, I introduce the list of medical institutions.

Please don’t forget to buy a travel insurance!


  1. List of medical institutions
  2. Guide for using medical institutions

1.List of medical institutions

JNTO:JAPAN:the Official Guide:Guide for when you are feeling ill



A search is possible according to area and medical department.



By the search results, you can understand the kind of an available credit card. d(*゚ー゚*)



2.Guide for using medical institutions

You can also download the guide for using medical institutions in this site.


  Simplified Chinese

  Traditional Chinese



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Have a nice trip! XD

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