Kabusan-ji Temple is a Tendai Sect Buddhist temple located in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture.

Principal image is Bishamonten (毘沙門天 : Vaisravana).

History of Kabusan-ji

Let’s study the history of this sub-temple with me before introducing of Kabusan-ji.

I think that we can enjoy the sightseeing of this sub-temple more by learning the history of it. XD

It was founded for 697 years of the Nara period by EN no Gyoja (EN no Ozunu) who was the originator of Shugendo (修験道).

It has a history spanning 1300 years.

It is said to be the sacred place where Bishamonten was first enshrined in Japan.

It is also the temple in syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism.

Therefore there is a torii gate in this temple.

In addition, here is the statue of Komainu (a pair of stone-carved guardian dogs) of the Shinto shrine, too.

Bishamonten (Vaisravana) which is the principal image of this temple is God protecting the Kimon (鬼門:unlucky (north) direction).

In addition, it is also famous as God of the victory.

The details about Bishamonten (Vaisravana) look at the following articles.

Information for visitors


Address:3301-1, Hara, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka, 569-1051, Japan
Phone number:+81-72-688-0788
Founder:EN no Gyoja (EN no Ozunu)
Sect:Tendai sect
Principal image:Bishamonten (Vaisravana)


9:00~17:00(Winter season 9:00~16:00)

Admission fee


Other information

・Please ask temple’s staff where you can take photos and videos.

・Worship method of a shinto shrine and a buddhist temple, please refer to the following article.

Next, let’s go to see highlights of Kabusan-ji.

Highlights of Kabusan-ji

仁王門:Nio-mon (Gate of Deva)

This is Nio-mon gate.

Deva King images are enshrined in this gate.

本堂:Hondo (main temple)

It was reconstructed in 1777.

Bishamonten (Vaisravana) is enshrined in this building.

Because it was used as the place of imperial prayer for Emperor Konin (the 49th Emperor), we can see the crest of Jurokuyaegiku (十六八重菊) in this temple.

Crest of Jurokuyaegiku (十六八重菊) is the Kamon (家紋) of imperial family.



EN no Gyoja (EN no Ozunu) is enshrined in this building.


十三重塔:13-storey Stone Pagoda



Brahma-Deva (梵天) and Sakra-Deva (帝釈天) are enshrined in this building.


Amithaba (阿弥陀如来) is enshrined in this building.


It is monks’ living quarters.

白龍王社:Hakuryuo-sha (deity of white dragon)

Hakuryuo means deity of white dragon.

寂定院:Jakujo-in Temple

Jakujo-in Temple is one of sub temple of the Kabusan-ji.

龍光院:Ryuko-in Temple

Ryuko-in Temple is one of sub temple of the Kabusan-ji.

東の六地蔵:Rokujizo (six Jizo)

Rokujizo (Statue of Six Ksitigarbhas) saves us from the pains of the six realms (六道).

九頭龍滝:Kuzuryu-taki (Waterfall of ascetic practices)

This is the Kuzuryu-taki (Waterfall of ascetic practices).



Kompira-Izuna-Daigongen is the god of this mountain.

Video of Kabusan-ji

Photos of Kabusan-ji


Goshuin (Red ink stamp) of Kabusan-ji

Goshuin of this temple is ‘Bishamonten (毘沙門天)’ which is principal image of this temple.

How to get to Kabusan-ji

Nearest station is JR Takatsuki Sta.

Use a bus or taxi from the station.

From Osaka Sta. (by train)

Timetable and Route Search (train)

1.Get on the JR Kyoto Line from Osaka Station to Takatsuki Station.


From Namba Sta. (by train)

Timetable and Route Search (train)

1.Get on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line from Namba Station to Umeda Station and change to the JR Kyoto Line.

2.Get on the JR Kyoto Line from Osaka Station to Takatsuki Station.


From Kyoto Sta. (by train)

Timetable and Route Search (train)

1.Get on the JR Kyoto Line from Kyoto Station to Takatsuki Station.


Get on a bus from JR Takatsuki Station

Timetable and Route Search (bus)

Please get on a Takatsuki City Bus No.53 (Takatsuki Sta. Bus Stop North 1) and get off Kabusanguchi.

Bus company:Takatsuki City Bus
Routes/Destination:53/Bound for Haraohashi (原大橋)
Boarding bus stop:JR Takatsuki Sta. Bus Stop (North.1)
Alighting bus stop:Kabusanguchi (神峯山口)
Bus fare:220 yen
Time required:About 20 min

From Takatsuki City Bus Kabusanguchi (on foot)

About 20 minutes (1km).

Take a taxi

From Takatsuki Station:About 3,200 yen (20 minutes)

・Let’s show a taxi driver the following phrase.


・If you want to call a taxi, let’s show the following phrase.


[Phone number of taxi dispatch : Around JR Takatsuki Station]*Japanese text only.

Hotel search & reservation

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