Do you know a difference and the worship method of a Shinto shrine and a temple?

I live in Japan for a long time, but I did not know the difference between Shinto shrine and temple and the difference in worship method so far.

Therefore I checked a worship method with the difference between “Shinto shrine” and “temple” at this opportunity! (○´艸`)


  1. Difference between Shinto shrine and temple
  2. Why will Shinto shrine and temple be in Japan?
  3. Worship method of Shinto shrine
  4. Worship method of temple
  5. The idea that is called “Syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism”

1.Difference between Shinto shrine and temple

Briefly, it is as follows.


The Shinto shrine is based on Japan’s original religion and is a place worshiping Japanese God.

The temple is based on Buddhism transmitted from China and India and is a place admiring Buddha.

The physical difference is・・・

There is a Torii (Shinto shrine archway) at the entrance of the Shinto shrine.

There is a Temple gate at the entrance of the temple.

Principal object of worship of the temple can look, but principal object of worship of the Shinto shrine cannot look basically.

There is a grave in the temple, but there is no grave in the Shinto shrine basically.

A Shinto shrine and a temple are very different things in this way. d(*゚ー゚*)

2.Why will Shinto shrine and temple be in Japan?

Originally there was a doctrine called the Shinto in Japan and admired Japanese God. Buddhism was transmitted from China in the about sixth century, and Japan became the country where Buddhism was mixed with Shinto afterwards.

I think that it is impossible that two different religion of the way of thinking is mixed when it is other countries. However, there was much God in Japan from old days, and Buddhism penetrated that Japan did not have any problem at all even if Buddha increased. (That is, ‘Yao yorozu no kami’ (eight million gods.))

In this way, a concept of religion is very suitable in the meaning that is better than other countries in Japan. It is the feeling that is not thought about that war happens in difference in outlook on religion. I’m glad to have been born Japanese!

3.Worship method of Shinto shrine

The worship method of the Shinto shrine includes a manners.

4.Worship method of temple

The worship method of the temple includes a manners, too.

5.The idea that is called “Syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism”

There is the way of thinking called “the mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism” to present both Shinto and Buddhism to Japan.

Briefly, it is the concept that Buddha will treat in the same way as Japanese God because it is one of God. (○´艸`)

A temple built based on thought of this mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism is called “Jinguji”. Kamigamo shrines at Kyoto and Nikko Toshogu at Tochigi are famous as Jinguji.

Probably the Shinto shrine where there are a temple and the grave where there is a torii is Jinguji.

How did you like it?

Have a nice trip! XD

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