kaldi-shopWhat would you like for the souvenir of the trip to Japan?

I recommend “Kaldi coffee farm” if you buy sweets and seasoning peculiar to Japan.

“Kaldi” sells coffee and import foods. Also, “Kaldi” sells a sweets and the product of the original brand called “Moheji” made in Japanese materials and maker.

Please go on “Kaldi” if troubled with a souvenir of the Japanese sweets and food!


  1. Free coffee service!!
  2. Kaldi’s original brand “Moheji”
  3. 12 selections of recommended souvenirs!
  4. Shop info

1:Free coffee service!!


Distribute coffee at the entrance of Kaldi. This coffee services can get it free. Let’s watch the product in the shop slowly while drinking coffee.

(Attention: This coffee service is free, but let’s stop that you get it many times because you make a nuisance to the staff of the shop and other visitors.)

Let’s abandon the coffee cup which you have finished drinking up to the trash box in the shop.

2:Kaldi’s original brand “Moheji”


“Kaldi” sells coffee and import foods. Also, “Kaldi” sells a sweets and the product of the original brand called “Moheji” made in Japanese materials and maker.

The product which this logo enters is a Kaldi’s original. You can buy this product only on Kaldi.

3:12 selections of recommended souvenirs!

Administrators of this site(Japanese) introduces a recommended product. Preservation is possible and is easy to carry it and introduces a Japanese-style thing mainly.

■MISO Powder(Red miso・White miso)


Price: 163 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: It is the product which I subdivided “the miso” which is Japanese traditional seasoning into into a powder form. The miso is heavy, and carrying around is great, but can carry this product very easily because it is powder. The taste has two kinds of “white miso” and “red miso”.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/miso%20powder




Price: 429 yen(tax included)

A characteristic:
This is a seasoning to be applied to the salad. A flavor of sesame and the garlic is very delicious. Also,this is in the plastic bottle, the carrying is convenient. Because a lot of garlic enters, the product of a red cap is recommended towards a garlic enthusiast.
It is very delicious to use as a source of “carpaccio of fish” or “grilled meat”.


■Salted rice malt(Shio-koji)


Price: 321 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: This is Japan’s original seasoning. This seasoning add salt and water to rice and ferment and make it. Use it in substitution for salt.
Meat and a fish is softened when you put on this seasoning.
When you attach salt rice and bake it, a color becomes very beautiful.
This is prevalent very much in Japan for several years. You can taste a flavor unlike the miso, please try it.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/Salt%20koji

■Salt lemon(Shio-lemon)


Price: 498 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: This seasoning is the preserved food  of salted lemon into a paste form. This seasoning has two roles of vinegar and the salt. Put the meat in this seasoning, you can bake very juicy!

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/salt%20lemon



■Citron pepper(Yuzu pepper)


Price: 345 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: It is the citron-based hot seasoning of citrus fruits on behalf of Japan.

Wasabi and mustard are known well, but this citron pepper is the seasoning which I am not defeated by it, and a flavor is rich, and is delicious!

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/Yuzu%20pepper


■”Kaldi” original pasta sauce


Price: 238 yen~(tax included)

A characteristic: This is an instant pasta source, but is very delicious and you can choose various taste.
You can cook very delicious pasta when you pour this sause into the pasta which you boiled.



■Seafood soup


Price: 432 yen(tax included)  four pieces

A characteristic: This is the instant miso soup which plentiful sea foods entered.
This becomes very delicious sea food soup just to put a hot water. Sea foods and a flavor of the miso are very delicious.




■Fully ripe karinto(Kanjyuku-Karinto)


Price: 429 yen(tax include)

A characteristic: “Karinto” is a Japanese traditional snack food. This is made of the dough which fried wheat flour, and raw sugar is coated.

“Kaldi’s Karinto” is very refined sweetness.



■Walnut – salty caramel taste


Price: 298 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: Large walnut is coated by a sweet sauce of the salt caramel. Sweetness and the saltiness of the caramel match it and are very delicious.






Price: 226 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: This is made of the dough which fried wheat flour, and soybean flour is coated.
The taste of this product has plane and two kinds of the powdered green tea, and the powdered green tea taste is pleased with in particular by a foreigner.



■Chocolate of Coffee beans – caramel taste


Price: 226 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: It is the chocolate which coated caramel chocolate with cofee beans.

The coffee beans of the inside are slightly bitter and the outside chocolate is sweet and is delicious.

It does not stop if you begin to eat this.


■Kaldi’s original apricot kernel tofu


Price: 194 yen(tax included)

A characteristic: The apricot kernel tofu is Chinese dessert,; but …,

Because the package is very popular for a Japanese cutely, I will introduce Kaldi’s apricot kernel tofu.

This can save at normal temperature, and suitable for carrying around. A flavor of the milk is delicious for strong taste.



There is a lot of other delicious seasoning and sweets in Kaldi. Let’s go to Kaldi!

4:Shop info