vending machine

You would be thirsty when you walk the town in a trip. However, Water bottle or Plastic bottle is heavy and inconvenient to carry.

In such a case let’s use a vending machine!
Drink vending machines are installed everywhere in cities of Japan. It is not unusual to be installed in one place a lot.

Let’s use the vending machine if thirsty during a trip and enjoy a stylish trip!


  1. A flying crow always catches drink vending machine!?
  2. Kind of vending machine
  3. How to use the vending machine
  4. Let’s abandon it to a trash box if you finish drinking!

1:A flying crow always catches drink vending machine!?

vending machine03

Over 2,200,000 drink vending machines are in Japan. This is world’s best number!! There is no country with as many of vending machines installed outdoors like in Japan.

Why will there be many vending machines in Japan? It is related to “Japan’s good public safety” and “population density”.

In Japan, a riot and vending machine robbery do not occur very much. In addition, there are a lot of users using the vending machine because population density is high.

2:Kind of vending machine

hot or coldVending machines there are many kinds. Please try to choose a favorite vending machine!

There are three points to be careful about when you choose vending machine. Please check the photo on the left.

「sample of prpductd」: It is the sample of the product.

「Price」: This is the price of the product.
Reference price : Beverage can “120 yen” Plastic bottle “150 yen”.

There is sometimes the deep-discount vending machine of 20~100 yen. Please try to look for that vending machine.(^ ^)b (Located mainly in Osaka.)

「HOT? or COLD?」This display is important!! Red display means “hot beverage” and blue display means “cold drink”. Please choose a button not to be wrong!! Please do not catch a cold by drinking something cold on a cold winter’s day.(^ ^;)

3:How to use the vending machine

“Size” “Form” “Button of the location” is different by the manufacturer, but generally use like the image below.

how to use vending machine

1:Select the item, and check prices.

2:Put money.(COIN SLOT or BILL SLOT)

3:Make sure that the button of the items you want to buy is lit.

4:If you make a mistake, please press the Return lever. (Money will be returned.)

5:Press the button

6:Remove the items.

7:If there is your fishing, you take it then without forgetting!!

4:Let’s abandon it to a trash box if we finish drinking!

trash box

The location of the vending machine, there is also installed the trash Box.

Let’s abandon it to a trash box if we finish drinking!

How did you like it?

Have a nice trip! XD

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