Now, japanese conveyor belt sushi bar has a lot of menu other than sushi.

A side menu is abundant, and Kurasushi has a lot of devices which a customers can enjoy.
Of course you can eat the sushi which is very fresh and delicious for 100 ~ 200 yen.( *´艸`)

Conveyor belt sushi bar are becoming common in foreign countries, but please try to go to authentic sushi bar in Japan.


  1. About Kurasushi
  2. Reservation method
  3. Touch panel
  4. “General lane” and “Fast lane”
  5. Sushi barrier.
  6. How to eat
  7. Automatic beer server
  8. Put away dishes and let’s get a gift.

1.About Kurasushi

Kura zushi is a sushi restaurant chain located in Japan. It has 362 locations in Japan, and a few more outside Japan. While it is a conveyor belt sushi chain, it relies on a high level of automation allowing the average location to function with fifteen to twenty staff members.

・Store search

Regular menu of the sushi. (100 yen/1 dish)

Special menu for each season. (100 ~ 200 yen/ 1 dish)

Not only the sushi but also ramen and curry are delicious, too.(○´艸`)
Rice used for the curry of this shop is a vinegared rice of the sushi.

Dessert and the sweets menu are substantial, too. ヾ(●゚v゚○)ノ
It is a doughnut of soybean milk. Very delicious!

2.Reservation method

Because Kurazushi is very popular, this shop takes the reservation by the reservation system in the store when it is crowded. (You can make a reservation even from smartphone application.)

■Reservation system in the store

■iphone app

■Android app

Because a reservation number is called in turn, let’s report it to a salesclerk if your reservation number is called.
Because you get the board which your table number was written, let’s go to the table of your number.

3.Touch panel.

When you order the dish which does not turn to the lane, use the touch panel.

How to order. (Video on the web)

4.”General lane” and “Fast lane”

Lane of rotation sushi is divided into two upper and lower stages.
The upper lane is the fast lane that the dish which you ordered comes to. The lower lane is the general lane to take the sushi that are turning around.(○´艸`)

5.Sushi barrier.

A cap is attached to a dish for freshness maintenance. You lift a dish on a little. Then, a cap comes off and can take a dish.

6.How to eat

7.Automatic beer server

When you want to drink beer, use automatic beer servers.

8.Put away dishes and let’s get a gift.

Put in a dish into a dish slot if you finish eating. Lottery begins when you put in five dishes. When you win a lottery, you will get a gift.

The gift changes by season. Gift of this time was the sushi eraser.

How did you like it?

Have a nice trip! XD

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