There is a paradise of rabbits in Seto Inland Sea in Japan!

The name of the island is “Ohkunoshima”.

This island is famous for the video on the Web surrounded by very many rabbits when you search it in YouTube.( *´艸`)
I’m visiting every year to watch a rabbit from five years ago when Ohkunoshima was not so famous.

The number of rabbits inhabiting the island is more than 700 now!
Why don’t you go to “Ohkunoshima” which is the paradise of rabbits?

↓FAQ of Okunoshima island is here.↓


  1. Complete guide map of Ohkunoshima
  2. Preparations in advance
  3. Video on the Web of each spot
  4. Picture of each spot
  5. Other pictures
  6. How to get to “Ohkunoshima”
  7. About staying of “Kyukamura-Ohkunoshima”

1.Complete guide map of Ohkunoshima

2.Preparations in advance

I will introduce the key points that must be prepared before going to Ohkunoshima.

・Let’s bring Rabbit food and vegetables.

In the past, the accommodations of the island sold the bait of the rabbit, but do not sell it now. (Under the guidance of the country)
Thus, there is no means to obtain the bait of the rabbit in “Ohkunoshima”. You purchase it beforehand, and let’s bring it. (It is best if there is a tool to cut the vegetables.)

When you buy the bait of the rabbit, let’s choose “soft type” that child rabbit is easy to eat.

I always take vegetables and bait of the rabbits like this. but not enough.(○´艸`)

I always cut vegetables in the room of the hotel.
Kitchen knife sets and bait of rabbit was purchased at the following sites.

Mana board three points set

Animal village rabbit food mix 2.5 kg

・Method to purchase a bait of rabbits at local shop.

Rabbit food and the vegetables are considerably heavy. Thus, in the case that you want to buy it in travel destination, it can be purchased at the following locations. d(*゚ー゚*)

■Ferry ticket office

You can buy rabbit food in a ferry ticket office.(100 yen each) However, the amount is very small.

■Supermarket “Mamii”

There is a supermarket in a 5-minute walk from Tadanoumi station. Here you can buy vegetables.

 Supermarket “Mamii”
 Open  9:00~19:00
 Holiday  Sunday,Monday of the holiday
 Adress  2-4-15, Tadanominakamachi, Takehara-shi, Hiroshima, 729-2316, Japan
 Phone Number  +81-846-26-0820

■Family Mart JR Tadanoumi

There is Family Mart near JR Tadanoumi Station.

We can also buy vegetables and rabbit food at Family Mart.

・Let’s take a raincoat on a rainy day.

The rabbit is often playing outside on the rainy day. Let’s take a raincoat on a rainy day.

・Let’s reserve the hotel (Kyukamura-Ohkunoshima).

You can enjoy Okunoshima in a day-trip, but if you stayed at the hotel, you can enjoy more.
Because there is not the person other than a hotel guest early in the morning at night in particular, a rabbit is very active.

Kyukamura Okunoshima(Rakuten Travel)

・Spring or autumn is recommended if you want to watch a child rabbit.

Spring (April~May) and autumn (October~November) is born a lot of child rabbit.
If you want to see the child rabbit, Let’s go to the island in spring or autumn.

・YouTube:大久野島(うさぎ島)の子うさぎたち :Cute bunnies in Ohkuno-shima Island

3.Video on the Web of each spot

・Point of rabbits A

・Point of rabbits B

・Point of Child rabbits 01-1

・Point of Child rabbits 01-2

・Point of Child rabbits 01-3

・Point of Child rabbits 01-4

・Point of Child rabbits 04

4.Picture of each spot

・Point of rabbits A

・Point of rabbits B

・Point of rabbits C

・Point of rabbits D

・Point of rabbits E

・Point of rabbits F

・Point of rabbits G

・Point of rabbits H

・Point of rabbits I

・Point of Child rabbits 01

・Point of Child rabbits 02

・Point of Child rabbits 03

・Point of Child rabbits 04

5.Other pictures

This island, the sea is very clean, too! When it comes to summer crowded with beach visitors. d(*゚ー゚*)

Poison gas storage ruins

Cenotaph of the person who was injured in a poison gas.

Paper cranes of the cenotaph.

The cherry tree in the background.

Frame of the cherry blossoms. (○´艸`)

This rabbit does not move like a rock…( *´艸`)

Are you interested in this camera? ( *´艸`)

Marble pattern is very cute. ( *´艸`)

There are rabbits of various personality and patterns in this island. (○´艸`)
You should try going there at least once too!

6.How to get to “Ohkunoshima”

・Access method

・Way to go cheaply by train. (From Osaka area)

If you go by a train, you go to Mihara Station by Shinkansen, and  transfer to the JR Kure Line in Mihara Station, and go to Tadanoumi Station.

  Timetable and Route Search

・Route Example

If you go from Osaka area to Mihara Station, there is a very deals ticket of JR. Ticket name is Kansai-Hiroshima Area pass.

・From Mihara Station to Tadanoumi Station


・From Tadanoumi Station to Tadanoumi Port

・Timetable of ferry

・Purchase of the ferry ticket

A ferry and the passenger boat are the same fare. Tickets can be purchased at the ferry ticket office or automatic ticket vending machines. (One way is 310 yen.)

There is the money-changing machine in the ferry ticket office.

There is a coffee shop in the ticket office.

There is a souvenir in the ticket office, too. d(*゚ー゚*)

There is the luggage keeping services in the ticket office, too.

7.About staying of “Kyukamura-Ohkunoshima”

For accommodation in “Kyukamura-Ohkunojima”, I recommend the “24-hour Stay Plan“.
(This plan is 12:00 check-in and check-out is 12:00. You can spend very slowly for this plan.)

Kyukamura Okunoshima(Rakuten Travel)

How did you like it?
Ohkunoshima is a very wonderful island that can touch rabbits and feel nature.
Why don’t you go to “Ohkunoshima” which is the paradise of rabbits?

Have a nice trip! XD

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