Sanagishima is a small island in the Seto Inland Sea.

This island is famous as “island of cats“.
I like cats, and I go to a cat cafe well.

Therefore I wanted to go to this island from old days..

So, I really went to this island!!

Oh, here is a paradise of the cats…

You should certainly go to this island if you love cats.

I introduce highlights and how to get to Sanagishima to you.


  1. About the Sanagishima island
  2. Video clip of cats in the Sanagishima Island
  3. Photo of cats in the Sanagishima Island
  4. How to get to the Sanagishima Island

1.About the Sanagishima island

The Sanagiashma island is a small island(About seven kilometers per lap) in the Seto Inland Sea.

This island is also the spot that is famous for the fishing.

Mitsuaki Iwago who is a famous animal photographer in Japan photographed cat’s photo in this island.

島の猫 [ 岩合光昭 ]

(2016/10/27 16:22時点)

In addition, this island is famous for the photograph called “Tobineko(飛び猫)” that a cat jumps.

飛び猫 [ 五十嵐健太 ]

(2016/10/27 16:24時点)

In this way, the famous animal photographer also comes in this island!!

The most cats of this island are not afraid of a human.
Rather a cat approaches a human. (○´艸`)

Besides, the cats of this island are healthy and clean.

This island is really paradise of the cats.

There are two villages in the north side and the south side of this island.
The north side is called  “Nagasaki(長崎)”, and south side is called “Honura(本浦)”.
It is the south side that there is a cat more.
There is the place of “Tobineko(飛び猫)” in the south side, too.
(However, there are also a lot of cats in the north side.)

Because this island is a small island, let’s see the sights slowly by all means.

2.Video clip of cats in the Sanagishima Island

These are video clip of the cats which I took in this island.

■佐柳島 猫の親子の日常その1(Daily life of parent-child cat. part.1) 

■佐柳島 猫の親子の日常その2(Daily life of parent-child cat. part.2) 

■佐柳島 まさにごろニャん。(The cat which is relaxed very much.) 

■佐柳島 はじめて!?の猫パンチ(The first cat punch in her life…!?) 

■佐柳島 ちょ・・・そこどいて・・・w(Can you please step to the side…?) 

■佐柳島 猫と島と空と雲と海、そして波の音。(Cats, island, sky, sea, and the sound of waves…) 

How did you like it?

The cats of this island are not really afraid of a human being.
Therefore we can watch the cat of the natural posture.

3.Photo of cats in the Sanagishima Island

These are photos of the cats which I took in this island.

Because I already have other plans, I arrived at this island at 10:00 and left at 12:00.
I recommend to you a schedule which is not tight if you have time to spare.

This is the Sanagi-Nagasaki Port of the north side of the island.
There is a restroom in the waiting room of this port.
But there is no vending machine in this island.
A drink and the food prepare by oneself beforehand, and let’s take it.
Because summer period is very hot, let’s take the drinking water by all means.

Welcome Art!! (○´艸`)

There is a village when we go to the right from the Nagasaki Port.
(There is the Honura Port of the south side when we go to the left from the Nagasaki Port.)

I discovered a first cat!

You are so cute!


A cat approach me!

Backed by the sea.

He thrust out his tongue at me. (○´艸`)

I found another cat.
He has the pheasant-tiger pattern.

His mouth is running…(*´・ェ・`*)

Professional distance of two cats.


Good morning…mew!

Parent and child of the cat. Mother is a tortoiseshell cat.

Mother cat with a kindly face.

The kitten which stares at the grooming of mother.

The black cat which does grooming.

I had a relaxing time…

Other cats.

Cats of this island are full of curiosity.

Please stroke me…mew!!

I’d love to!!!

She stuck out her tongue.

Cats of the north side were all friendly.
All right, let’s move to the south side!

It is approximately 20 minutes on foot from the Nagasaki Port of the north side to Honura Port of the south side.

Along the way… a bicolor cat with a symmetrical pattern on his face!!

This cat was a very talkative cat. (○´艸`)

Cats and an art-object.sanagishima-cat-25

Many cats live in the dike of the south port.
This dike is the dike which is famous as the stage of “Tobineko(飛び猫)”

Looking-Back Beauty.

I challenge the photography of “Tobineko(飛び猫)”.

That was difficult…!!

Everybody is vigorous.

In this island, the sea and the sky scenery are also very beautiful.

Two active young cats.

Let us through!!

The cat which has a cute pink ear.

The cat which wore a red ribbon.

It looks like they are dancing.

It is quite like a picture-story show of the cat.

It’s about time to return…

I don’t want to go home from here…

“I will be watching the arrival of the ferry…mew!!”

However, unfortunately he seemed to get tired immediately…

This is a waiting room of the Honura Port.
There are many cats here, too.

The return ferry arrived.

Good-bye! I will come here again.

Next time, I am going to make a schedule which is not tight.

4.How to get to the Sanagishima Island

We will be able to go to Sanagishima Island by ferry from the Tadotsu Port.
The nearest station of Tadotsu Port is JR Tadotsu Station.
And, we will access from JR Tadotsu Station to the Tadotsu Port by a taxi or on foot.

The method to go from Kansai to Tadotsu Station has two patterns.

1:In the case of getting on the Shinkansen

  Timetable and Route Search

■Route Example (From Osaka Station to Tadotsu Station)

The required time:About 2.5 hours
The fare:6,620 yen(unreserved seat)

2.In the case of taking express bus

An express bus runs from Kansai(Osaka/Namba/Sannomiya) to JR Marugame Station.
(This express bus has the facilities of outlet and Wifi.)

There is the platform of this express bus in “Hankyu highway bus Osaka-Umeda terminal(Hankyu Sanban Gai)” and “OCAT Osaka City Air Terminal”.

For specific information, see below.

The required time:About 4 hours
The fare:
4,300 yen(bus)+210 yen(JR)

■Reservation site of the bus

  Timetable and Route Search

After we went to JR Marugame Station by bus, we go to Tadotsu Station by train.

I recommend that you stay a hotel at Takamatsu Station and Marugame Station the night before if you have a schedule which is not tight.
I went to JR Marugame Station by express bus.
And I stayed at the hotel of Marugame Station and went to the island on the next day.

Save on your hotel -

■JR Tadotsu Station→Tadotsu Port

It is about 20-minutes walk from the station.
sanagishima-02-txt sanagishima-03-txt

■A timetable and the fare of the ferry of the Tadotsu Port

How did you like it?

If you like cats, please go to this island by all means.

Have a nice trip! ( *´艸`)

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