kuzefuku-shotenWhy is the Japanese dish delicious?

It is because Japan has culture called “DASHI=soup stock”.

Let’s go to buy the basic “soup stock” of the Japanese dish for a souvenir!

“Kuzefuku-Shoten” is a select shop having Japan’s original soup stock and seasoning! It is the shop which is most suitable for the one that wants to buy Japanese-style ingredients and seasoning for a souvenir.


  1. Free soup stock service!!
  2. You can try various seasonings free!!
  3. “Japanese gelato”… which you can eat only in this shop.
  4.  12 selections of recommended souvenirs!
  5. Shop info

1:Free soup stock service!!


The Kuzefuku-Shoten is performing tasting service of the Japanese soup stock at the entrance of the shop!

The soup stock is soup made by boiling the food, is indispensable to Japanese cuisine.

In this tasting service, You can drink a product called “Banno-Dashi”. “This is the raw materials that the extract of the dried bonito is important. In addition, the extract of mackerel and sardine and flying fish are included. “Bannno-Dasi” is sold at the shop, let’s buy if you like.

2:You can try various seasonings free.!!


At the Kusefuku-Shoten, Japanese various seasonings and soup stock are sold and can tasting many products free!

You try it before buying a product, and, please look for the favorite taste that fitted yourself!


3:”Japanese gelato”… which you can eat only in this shop.


There are a lot of gelatos which You can eat only at Kusefuku-Shoten.

This gelato named “Japanese gerato” is cooked with Japanese original material as raw materials.

4: 12 selections of recommended souvenirs!

Administrators of this site(Japanese) introduces a recommended product. 



Price:600 yen/5pack(without tax)

Characteristic:It is the soup stock which can tasted by the free tasting service of the entrance. This product is in the pack like tea. Therefore You can make the soup stock of the full-scale fish just to pour hot water.

It is delicious even if you just drink. In addition, You are usable for the seasoning of soup and the stewed dish.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/Bonito%20soup%20stock

■Sweet half sake(Amazake)


Price:1,000 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:It is a Japanese traditional drink. It is contained in the name with “SAKE=liquor”, but the alcohol is not contained. Therefor, It is a drink to be able to enjoy from a child to an adult as a soft drink. This is usable for the preliminary arrangements of the dish.

Amazake is very high nutritional value, in Japan, is also referred to as the “drink drip” from the old days. In Japan, Amazake is drunk well when we catch a cold or greet the New Year holidays.

It has little acidity and faint sweetness and is easy to drink very much.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/amazake

■Honey Jam


Price:480 yen~(without tax)

Characteristic: It is homemade jam. Because it is made with honey, it is kind to a body.

There is various types of taste, You try it before buying a product, and, please look for the favorite taste that fitted yourself!

The taste of “a sweet potato” and “the chestnut” which are Japan’s original taste is recommended.


■Handmade Miso(Soybeans paste)


Price:550 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:This product is a kind called “Awase-Miso” which blended “white miso” and “red miso”. The taste of this product has sweetness and is easy to eat very much.

It is a half year in the expiration date at normal temperature. Therefore You can take it home as a souvenir.

The miso is usable as seasoning of various dishes.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/miso

■Soup stock soy sauce


Price:650 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:Soy sauce is Japanese representative seasoning.

Because this soy sauce mixes “soup stock” and is made, a flavor is stronger than common soy sauce. It is delicious to put this soy sauce on tofu.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/dashi%20soy%20sauce


■Yuzu(citron) salt


Price:600 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:The salt is the seasoning which is popular in all countries. Salt of various taste is sold in Japan.

The recommended taste is “Yuzu(citron) salt”. The fragrance of mellow citron increases when You were sprinkled “Yuzu(citron) salt” on a grill, pasta and a fish, ramen and enhances the taste of the dish.



■Dressing(Salted rice malt : Shio-koji)


Price:450 yen~(without tax)

Characteristic:It is the dressing which a lot of salt malted rice entered.

The oil of the dressing is kind to a body with grape seed oil.

Featured recipes→https://washoku.guide/search/shio-koji%20dressing


■Potato chips (with dried bonito : Wasabi taste)


Price:300 yen(without tax) 

Characteristic:A package of this potato chips has “a dried bonito”. When eat this, You eat after sprinkling a dried bonito on a bag of the potato chip.
The flavor of the dried bonito is very fragrant, and It is delicious when You eat together when You drink beer.

There are saltiness and wasabi taste. Please choose taste depending on your preference.


■Black soybean rice crackers


Price:580 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:”Rice crackers” is a Japanese traditional sweets that baked a rice cake. Because it is seasoned with sweet soy sauce, “Rice crackers” matches tea and coffee.

“Black soybean rice crackers” puts a big black soybean in Okaki and bakes it. The fragrant fragrance of the black soybean is very delicious.




Price:980 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:”Kakinotane” is the snack which resembles “species of persimmon” closely in very much.
This snack contains spicy rice crackers and peanut. and It is the snack which we eat together when we drink beer in Japan from old days.

Because very much quantity enters one package, this product does not readily disappear even if You eat.

Please be careful about overeating!!( *´艸`)

■Rice crackers&Vegetable sticks


Price:980 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:This snack is saltiness and contains a stick which fried six kinds of vegetables and the rice crackers. The kind of vegetables is a potato, a sweet potato, kidney beans, a carrot, a purple potato, a taro.

Because very much quantity enters one package, this product does not readily disappear even if You eat.

Please be careful about overeating!!( *´艸`)

■Kushikatsu(source taste)


Price:560 yen(without tax)

Characteristic:This cheap snack is the snack which has eaten all the Japanese once in childhood.

This cheap snack is fried food of the fish of the Worcester sauce taste.

It is delicious to eat together when drinking beer.

There is a lot of other delicious japanese seasoning and soup stoks in Kuzefuku-Shoten. Let’s go to Kuzefuku-Shoten!

5:Shop info

Here, we will introduce some of the shops “Cardi” of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka,and Hyogo. (Store near the famous station)

Store search site of “Kuzefuku-Shoten”(only Japanese)→http://www.kuzefuku.jp/shop/


Tokyo Soramachi(Sky Tree)(10:00~21:00) http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=35.710307,139.812299&hl=en

Shibuya Hikarie(10:00~21:00): http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=35.659204, 139.703742&hl=en


mozo Wonder City(10:00~22:00): http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=35.225041, 136.884137&hl=en


Namba(11:00~21:00): http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=34.661842, 135.501914&hl=en

Expo City(10:00~21:00): http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=34.805517, 135.535638&hl=en


Nishinomiya(10:00~21:00): http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?q=34.743878, 135.358759&hl=en