Notification of transfer of the pug-cafe ‘LivingRoom’.

Do you like pug?

Yes, I like pug very much! I like pugs so much, and had a dream which keep a pug yesterday.

I like the big eyes and an unusual face of pug very much.

Because I heard that there is the dog cafe which is specialized in a pug in Saiin of Kyoto, I went to this cafe!

There was・・・



Please try to go by all means if you love pug.

↓The summary article of the animal cafe is here.↓


  1. About “Living Room
  2. About fee system and reservation
  3. Pugs of this cafe
  4. How to get to this cafe

1.About “Living Room

Open:13:00~18:00(visitors must enter by 17:00)
Fee(Reserved visitor) :1,000 yen (Free time / include 1 drink)
Fee(Non-reserved visitor):1,500 yen (Free time / include 1 drink)

Regular holiday:Non-fixed holiday(Let’s confirm it on the homepage of the shop.)
Adress:〒615-0043 18-4, Saiin Nakamizucho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 615-0043, Japan
Phone number:+81-75-874-7989
Language:English:△ Chinese: × Korean:×  Other:×

The characteristic of this cafe is ・・・

・This is the dog cafe only for pugs.

・There is 11 pug staff now.

・It is a very conscientious price.

This cafe is a two-story common private house.

This is the user manual of 11 pugs. (○´艸`)

All the pugs which there is to a cafe are families. (○´艸`)

2.About fee system and reservation

■About reservation

Because a reservation is given priority, please go after making reservations beforehand.

The free time fee becomes discounted by 200 yen when you make reservations beforehand.

Phone number:075-874-7989

Mail Adress:info-living_room@kyotopug.com

■About fee system

There is three kinds of admission fee.

①500 yen/1 hour(1 drink)

②1,000 yen/free time(1 drink + sweets)*This is 800 yen when you make a reservation beforehand.

③1,000 yen/free time(free drink)*This is 800 yen when you make a reservation beforehand.

② or ③ is recommended.

3.Pugs of this cafe

Pug is really cute!

本日の天気:おやつ時々パグの嵐(Covered with pug.)

■ごはんっごはんっごーはーんーっ!(We love meal!!) 

ぷりんさん眠たいなりに頑張る。(Purin is so sleepy, but do her best!)

The pug is wearing a uniform which contains one’s name and a uniform number.

All pugs are similar very much!(○´艸`)

Pugs love to sit on a person’s lap.

Raita(♂, 1-year-old) of the uniform number 10. His coat of hair is glossy black.

Atchan(♀, 9-years-old) of the uniform number 02. She is very small and is the first popularity of this cafe.

sitting quietly・・・

Purin(♀, 8-years-old) is mother who is her own pace very much.


Sakura(♀, 1-year-old). A floor is cold and is comfortable.

Not only the floor but also the bottom of the chair is cold and is comfortable! Kantaro(♂, 2-years-old). 

4.How to get to this cafe

For the details visit the following website.

How did you like it?

Because the owner and staff of this cafe is very friendly, is comfortable.
A lot of tourists from the foreign countries seem to come to this cafe since cafe’s article was posted to rocket news.

Have a nice trip! ( *´艸`)

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