(; ・`д・´)<<<[I want to keep a cat! But I cannot keep a cat!]

I recommend a Japanese cat cafe for somebody like you!

This article introduces the recommended cat cafe which I have really gone. (Because I live in Kansai, I introduce a cat cafe of Kansai mainly.)


1.What kind of cat cafe is recommended?

I recommend a cat cafe meeting three following conditions.

  1. Can easily go.
  2. The cat of the shop being friendly.
  3. A shop being clean.

If the cafe is dirty and cat is not friendly, you will be disappointed in the cafe. This article introduces a cafe which met the condition mentioned above if possible.( *´艸`)

2.”5 secrets” that is liked by cats.

(; ・`д・´)<<<[I went to a cat cafe, but cats were not friendly.]

Is there such an experience? Possibly you might have done that you dislike cats.

I’ll teach you “5 secrets” that is liked by cats.

Secret 1:Don’t wear the perfume.

The cat dislikes smells of the perfume. When you go to cat cafe, you don’t wear a perfume

Secret 2:Not so loud!

So cute!! I can understand the feeling that you want to speak loudly. However, the cat hates loud voices.

Secret 3:Don’t hug cats forcibly.

Cats do not like to be hugged.

Secret 4:Go to the cafe at opening time on weekdays.

The cat is not tired and is more likely to be able to play with you.

A last resort is…

Secret 5:Depend on a cat food.

In the end, cat food is the most effective…( *´艸`) 

Bringing cat food is not allowed in the most of cafe. Let’s buy a cat food sold in a shop.

3.Recommended cat cafe.

●Cat cafe “GURUGURU-DOU” (Osaka Namba)

Report of Cat cafe

Easy to go:★★★★★
How much Friendly:★★★★☆

URL icon-arrow-circle-right
Adress:Kagetsu 1 Bld.4F, 2-4-6, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0086, Japan
Phone number:+81-6-7492-4060
Regular holiday:No
Nearest station:Subway Namba station(Walk about 3 minutes)
Basic charge:1,050yen/1h(include 1 drink)~

This cat cafe are in the place that it is easy to go very much. (3-minute walk from Subway Namba Station.)

This cafe are unified with Asian miscellaneous goods and are very clean.


●Cat&Goldfish cafe “Munchkin” (Osaka Kyobashi)

Report of Cat cafe

Easy to go:★★★★☆
How much Friendly:★★★★☆

URL icon-arrow-circle-right
Adress:2F, 5-9-11, Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 534-0024, Japan
Phone number:+81-6-6180-6760
Regular holiday:not fixed
Nearest station:JR Kyobashi station(Walk about 10 minutes)
Basic charge:515yen/30min~

This shop are in a shopping mall of about 10-minute walk from JR Kyobashi Station. It is a cafe that is relatively not crowded.



・Cat cafe “Nekobiyaka” (Himeji)

Report of Cat cafe

Easy to go:★★★★☆
How much Friendly:★★★☆☆

Adress:Mifune Bld.2F, 322, Ekimaecho, Himeji-shi, Hyogo, 670-0927, Japan
Phone number:+81-90-6757-2810
Regular holiday:Tuesday
Nearest station:JR/Sanyo Himeji station(Walk about 5 minutes)
Basic charge:1,000yen/1h~

This cafe is a cat cafe only for black cat. It’s world’s first!?
This Cafe is in the place that is near to national treasure Himeji Castle.
Information of Himeji Castle is here.↓


●Fukuro & Hyoneko-no-mori(kyoto)

Report of Cat cafe

Easy to go:★★★★★
How much Friendly:★★★★☆

Admission fee:Adult(More than junior high school students):600 yen、Child:400 yen
Admission fee(Common ticket):Adult(More than junior high school students):1,100 yen、Child:750 yen
Regular Holiday:No holiday
Address:554, Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8042, Japan
Nearest Station:Hankyu Kyoto Line Kawaramachi Station
Phone Number:+81-75-708-3847

This is a facility that can touch with the cat and the owl in Kyoto.

All the cats which there is here are cats of the kinds called Bengal.


●Petton Cafe(Kyoto)

Report of Cat cafe

Easy to go:★★★☆☆
How much Friendly:★★★★★

Adress:32, Momoyamacho Yamanoshita, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-8002, Japan
Phone Number:+81-75-634-7944
Regular Holiday:No
Nearest Station:Subway or JR Rokujizo Station
Admission Fee:540yen~

This is the cat&dog cafe “Petton cafe” in Rokujizo of Kyoto.

A pet shop administers this cafe and can always come in contact with a lot of dogs and cats.


How did you like it?

Please try to go.

Have a nice trip! XD

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