Do you know where the Japanese oldest Buddhist temple is? There is it in the center of Osaka. (It’s not in Kyoto.)
Shitenno-ji Temple in Tennoji-ku of Osaka is the Japanese oldest Buddhist templea along with Asuka temple of Nara. And this temple is one of the temples which Prince Shotoku built.
Because this temple is broken several times, the main temple and the center cathedral was rebuilt.

There are many denominations in Buddhism, but Shitenno-ji Temple is a temple of the situations that is not particular about the denomination.


  1. Daishie (大師会)
  2. Highlights of Shitenno-ji Temple
  3. Shoryoe (spirits’ festival)
  4. Market of Shitenno-ji Temple
  5. How to get to Shitenno-ji Temple.

1.Daishie (大師会)

“Daishie” is held in Shitenno-ji Temple on 21st, in addition, “Taishie” is held on 22nd.
(Daishie is an anniversary of a death of the initiators of the Shingon Buddhism called Kukai.)
(Taishie is an anniversary of a death of Prince Shotoku.)

Center cathedral is opened free for these two days. (Admission fee is 300 yen on a general day.)

2.Highlights of Shitenno-ji Temple

The building of Shitenno-ji Temple is dyed with cinnabar red. It’s so beautiful and is luxurious.d(*゚ー゚*)

South Gate. It was rebuilt in November, 1985.

Five-Storeyed Pagoda which is the symbol of this temple.

Middle gate (Gate of Deva). The Deva King who is the guardian deity of the center cathedral is worshiped.

Kondo (Main Hall). Kuse Kannon (Guze Kannon) who is a principal idol of Shitenno-ji Temple is worshiped.

Auditorium. It is the place of taking the sacred book.

Corridor of the central cathedral. The garden lantern of the memorial service for the family dead permanently held by a temple is hanging.

Rokuji-Raisan hall. Because it was the day of “Shoryoe(spirits’ festival)”, the decoration is considered to be it.

Shoryoden. It is the Building to worship the Prince Shotoku.

It is the very beautiful dry landscape Japanese garden.

Small shrine of Moriya.

3.”Shoryoe (spirits’ festival)”

Because April 22 is an anniversary of a death of Prince Shotoku, the special Buddhist memorial service called “Shoryoe (spirits’ festival)” is held.
This Buddhist memorial service lasts 1,400 years and is appointed in Japanese important formlessness folk cultural assets.
A dance and the program of the Buddhist memorial service are performed on that day for half day from the early afternoon to the evening.

・Bugaku dance during the Shoryoe memorial service for Prince Shotoku. 振鉾(Initial purification dance music)

・Bugaku dance during the Shoryoe memorial service for Prince Shotoku. 蘇利古(Dance of square mask of imperial court music)

・Bugaku dance during the Shoryoe memorial service for Prince Shotoku. 承和楽(Ancient Japanese court music and dance)

The dance is carried out on the stone stage in front of Rokuji-Raisan hall.

The large drum used in a program is biggest in Japan grade.(○´艸`)

4.Market of Shitenno-ji Temple

The market is held every month on 21st and 22nd. A lot of food stalls do business on that day.

The antique market are held, too.

The rare thing is sold…

There are many shops of old clothes and the bonsai.

5.How to get to Shitenno-ji Temple.

the nearest station of Shitenno-ji Temple is the subway Tanimachi Line Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka or JR Tennoji Station.

・When you go from JR Tennoji Station

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