Megijima is one of the meeting places of the international art festival in Setouchi.
In addition, a legend of fairy tale “Momotaro” has been handed down in this island.

There is a big cave which said to that an ogre lived in this island in the old days…

In addition, big stone wall surrounding the private house of the island is this island unique scene.
It seems to be totally a castle wall.

This island is the place that can feel spirit of adventure and the history of the fairy tale.


  1. About Megijima
  2. The art works of Megijima
  3. How to get to Megijima

1.About Megijima

Guideline of sojourn time : about 3h (When you use the electric assist bicycle.)
*A ferry sails every two hours.

If you have three hours, you can almost watch all art works.

When a ferry arrives, a bus bound for cave departs from the visitor center.(Fare:Round-trip 600 yen)

In addition, you can borrow rent-a-bicycle in the visitor center.

I recommend that you borrow an electric assist bicycle.

■Visitor’s Center “Ogre’s house” *Japanese text only

Fee:700 yen/4h(electric assist bicycle)

It form male and female Island by Ogijima and Megijima.megijima-01

It is the visitor’s center called “Ogre’s house” which is next to the port. You purchase the ticket of the bus and borrow a bicycle here.

The moai image in the port restored the moai image of Easter Island.

It is a characteristic that the private house of this island is surrounded with big stone wall called “Ote(オーテ)”. (○´艸`)

A lot of ogres live in this island. d(*゚ー゚*)

It’s about 2km from the port to the cave. The course on the way is a steep slope. (Let’s go by bus or electric assist bicycle.)

This cave is very cool. (The temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius even in the summer!!)
Of course there is also an art work in this cave. (○´艸`)

There is a viewing platform on this cave. You can look a whole view of the Seto Inland Sea!

2.The art works of Megijima

There is a lot of art works which I do not introduce here. Please try to go this island, and watch all art work!
*Because there is an art work that photography is not possible, please be careful.

All artwork is very splendid.
The particularly recommended artwork is “No.44”, “No.45”, and “No.51” personally.

[No.40:Sea Gulls Parking Lot(Takahito Kimura:Japan)]

[No.41:20th Century Recall(Hagetaka Funjo:China)]

[No.42:MEGI HOUSE(愛知県立芸術大学瀬戸内アートプロジェクトチーム:日本)]
[No.42:MEGI HOUSE(Aichi Prefectural University Arts and Music Setouchi Art Project Team:Japan)]
megijima-09-42-01 megijima-09-42-02

[No.43:International Exhibition by AUA “NANAIRO+”(Aichi Prefectural University Arts and Music Setouchi Art Project Team:Japan)]
megijima-10-43-01 megijima-10-43-02 megijima-10-43-03

[No.44:feel feel BONSAI(平尾成志×瀬ト内工芸ズ。:日本)]*おススメです!
[No.44:feel feel BONSAI(Masashi Hirao × SETOUCHI COGEIZ:Japan)]*My favorite!!
megijima-11-44-01 megijima-11-44-02 megijima-11-44-03 megijima-11-44-04

[No.45:MECON(Shinro Ohtake:Japan)]*My favorite!!
megijima-12-45-01 megijima-12-45-02 megijima-12-45-03

[No.46:ISLAND THEATRE MEGI 「女木島名画座」(依田洋一朗:日本)]
[No.46:ISLAND THEATRE MEGI(Yoichiro Yoda:Japan)]
megijima-13-46-01 megijima-13-46-02

[No.48:Terrace Winds(Yasuyoshi Sugiura:Japan)]

[No.49-1:鬼の家 第1会場「鬼の洞窟」(カオス*ラウンジ:日本)]
[No.49-1:Ogre’s House No.1 “Ogre’s Caves”(CHAOS*LOUNGE:Japan)]

[No.49-2:鬼の家 第2会場「鬼の記念館」(カオス*ラウンジ:日本)]
[No.49-2:Ogre’s House No.2 “Ogre’s Memorial Hall”(CHAOS*LOUNGE:Japan)]

[No.49-3:鬼の家 第3会場「鬼の家」(カオス*ラウンジ:日本)]
[No.49-3:Ogre’s House No.3 ”Ogre’s House”(CHAOS*LOUNGE:Japan)]
megijima-17-49(3)-01 megijima-17-49(3)-02

[No.50:Equipoise(Harumi Yukutake:Japan)]
megijima-18-50-01 megijima-18-50-02

[No.51:オニノコ 瓦プロジェクト(オニノコプロダクション:日本)]*おススメです!
[No.51:Oninoko Tile Project(Oninoko Production:Japan)]*My favorite!!
megijima-19-51-01 megijima-19-51-02

[No.52:Nishiura OK Tower(Navin Rawanchaikul+Navin Production:Thai)]
megijima-20-52-01 megijima-20-52-02 megijima-20-52-03

3.How to get to Megijima

↓The route to Takamatsu Port is here.↓


■Takamatsu Port→Megijima
It is about 20 minutes by a ferry. The fare is 370 yen (Adults).

How did you like it?

Please try to go.

Have a nice trip! XD

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