“Kuromon Market” is the market which is famous for a tourist in Nihonbashi of Osaka. There are many tourists from Asia in particular. Approximately 150 specialty stores are open in the market.

In many of the shop offers a menu of foreign language. So, the tourist from the foreign countries can buy with confidence.
This market has a lot of fish shop and fruit shop. So, you can eat Japanese fresh fish and fruit anytime.( *´艸`)

Access information of “Kuromon Market” is here.↓

This article was updated in Mar. 2016.


  1. Detailed information of “Kuromon Market”
  2. “Kuromon Market”e-Booke
  3. “Kuromon Market”MAP
  4. Let’s walk through “Kuromon Market”.

1.Detailed information of “Kuromon Market”



2.”Kuromon Market”e-Book

Let’s watch e-Book before going to the “Kuromon market”.



3.”Kuromon Market”MAP

“Kuromon market “is divided into some street. Let’s check where the favorite shop is!


4.Let’s walk through “Kuromon Market”.


There is “Marusho Suisan” which is famous for globefish in this Street.


It is the first half of the main street with many tourists. “Kuromon Sanpei” of the fish shop is full of many tourists every day.


There is a restroom in this Street.


It is main street. The oden sold at the storefront of “Ishibashi-Shokuhin” is winter basic menu.


It is the second half of the main street with many tourists. In “Maruzen”, you can eat Japanese beef grilled in front of you!

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