Ogijima is one of the meeting places of the international art festival in Setouchi.

There are a lot of slopes and works of art in this small island.

In addition, because a lot of cats live in this island, this island is called “Cats island”.

The island of a cat, art and a slope・・・

Ogijima is small, but it has big charm.


  1. About Ogijima
  2. Cats of Ogijima
  3. The art work of Ogijima
  4. How to get to Ogijima

1.About Ogijima

Guideline of sojourn time : about 2h
*A ferry sails every two hours.

If you have two hours, you can almost watch all art works.

Let’s secure time more than 2 hours if you want to play with a cat slowly. (○´艸`)

This island is a small island of circumference about 4.7km.

There are many slopes and small alleys. (Therefore I don’t recommend the rent-a-bicycle.)

There is a Shinto shrine in the top of this island.

Toyotama Hime Shrine is God of the easy delivery. (○´艸`)

The scenery which the Shinto shrine overlooks is a quite good superb view. d(*゚ー゚*)

2.Cats of Ogijima

Because a lot of cats live in this island, this island is called “Cats island”. (○´艸`)

The place where there are a lot of cats is “the fishing port of the south side” and “Toyotama Hime Shrine”.
*There are not many cats in the other places.

Attention : because many Ogijima’s cats are wild cats, please do not give bait to a cat.

Meow!! (ΦωΦ)

Meow!! (ΦωΦ)

Meo—w!! (ΦωΦ)

It is hot today・・・.(ฅ`ω´ฅ)

3.The art work of Ogijima

There is a lot of art works which I do not introduce here. Please try to go this island, and watch all art work!
*Because there is an art work that photography is not possible, please be careful.

All artwork is very splendid.
The particularly recommended artwork is “No.57”, “No.58”, and “No.62” personally.

[No.53:Ogjima’s Soul(Jaume Plensa:Spain)]

[No.54:路地壁画プロジェクト wallalley(眞壁陸二:日本)]
[No.54:Project for wall painting in lane, ogijima wallalley(Rikuji Makabe:Japan)]

[No.55:Lighthouse Keeper(イム・ミヌク:韓国)]
[No.55:Lighthouse Keeper(Minouk Lim:Korea)]

[No.57:カレードスコープ ブラック&ホワイト(川島猛とドリームフレンズ:日本)]*おススメです!
[No.57:KALEIDOSCOPE BLACK & WHITE(Takeshi Kawashima & Dream Friends:Japan)]*My favorite!!

[No.58:Akinorium(Akinori Matsumoto:Japan)]*My favorite!!
ogi-jima-05-58-1 ogi-jima-05-58-2

[No.59:SEA VINE(高橋治希:日本)]
[No.59:SEA VINE(Haruki Takahashi:Japan)]
ogi-jima-06-59-1 ogi-jima-06-59-2

[No.60:Rotation – Revolution(Lin Tianmiao:China)]
ogi-jima-07-60-1 ogi-jima-07-60-2

[No.61:Organ(Tomoko Taniguchi:Japan)]
ogi-jima-08-61-1 ogi-jima-08-61-2

[No.62:Memory Bottle(Mayumi Kuri:Japan)]*My favorite!!
ogi-jima-09-62-1 ogi-jima-09-62-2 ogi-jima-09-62-3

[No.63:Maison de Urushi(Maison de Urushi Project:Japan)]
ogi-jima-10-63-1 ogi-jima-10-63-2 ogi-jima-10-63-3

[No.64:The room inside of the room(Oscar Oiwa:Brazil)]

[No.65:Walking Ark(Keisuke Yamaguchi:Japan)]

[No.66:Dreaming of Blue(Regina Silveira:Brazil)]

[No.67:昭和40年会男木学校 PSS40(昭和40年会:日本)]
[No.67:Ogi School PSS40-The Group 1965(The Group 1965:Japan)]
ogi-jima-14-67-1 ogi-jima-14-67-2

[No.68:男気プロジェクト(TEAM 男気:日本)]
[No.68:OGI Project(TEAM OGI:Japan)]
ogi-jima-15-68-1 ogi-jima-15-68-2

4.How to get to Ogijima

↓The route to Takamatsu Port is here.↓

■Takamatsu Port→Ogijima

It is about 40 minutes by a ferry. The fare is 510 yen (Adults).

How did you like it?

Please try to go.

Have a nice trip! XD

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