There are a lot of famous places of the cherry tree in Kansai, among these places, Mint Bureau is one of the most famous spot of the cherry tree.

About 350 cherry trees are planted in the street of the Mint Bureau.
The most of this cherry tree are kinds of the cherry tree called “the double cherry blossom”.

As for the double cherry blossom, some time of the flowering are slower than a Yoshino cherry tree.


  1. Basic information
  2. Route from Osakatemmangu/Minamimorimachi Station
  3. Route from Tenmabashi Station
  4. Photo of cherry-trees

1.Basic information

Osaka Mint Bureau
 Open  One week of the Early April ~ Mid-April (Every year) 10:00~21:00(weekday),9:00~21:00(Saturday,Sunday)
 Fee  Free
 Adress  1-1-79, Temma, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0043, Japan
 Phone Number  +81-50-5548-8686

The schedule varies according to the flowering situation of the cherry tree every year.
The schedules for the past 10 years are as follows.

2016 April 8 ~ April 14
2015 April 11 ~ April 17
2014 April 16 ~ April 22
2013 April 17 ~ April 23
2012 April 14 ~ April 20
2011 April 14 ~ April 20
2010 April 15 ~ April 21
2009 April 16 ~ April 22
2008 April 5 ~ April 11
2007 April 12 ~ April 18

Map from the nearest station is here.

2.Route from Osakatemmangu/Minamimorimachi Station


3.Route from Tenmabashi Station


4.Photo of cherry-trees

The most of this cherry tree are kinds of the cherry tree called “the double cherry blossom”.
The double cherry blossom has very more number of sheets of the petal than a Yoshino cherry tree.
The colors of the flower are a great variety of with light pink, red, white, yellow.

“Hattenzakura” is famous for numerical many petals.

“Sumaurafugenzo” is characterized by a yellow flower.

“Hayashi-Ichigo” is the masterpiece which a garden plant craftsman of Sendai made.

“Ichihara-Torano-o” was named by form resembling a tail of the tiger.

“Botan” was chosen as a flower of this year of 2016.

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